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ATI C-200TM, ATI C-250TM, and ATI C-350TM alloys (18% nickel maraging steels) are divided into two broad classes depending on the primary strengthening element in the chemical analysis. The original maraging steels, introduced in maraging steels is equivalent to, or slightly better than, the cobalt-bearing grades. Typical applications for

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MARAGING STEEL 350 / C350. AMS 6515. MIL-S-46850. Maraging 350 is a nickel maraging steel which contains Cobalt as the primary strengthening agent. Maraging 350 has excellent mechanical properties, workability and heat treatment characteristics. Maraging 350 is used for missile and rocket motor cases, landing and takeoff gear components, high C350, 350 - Cast Iron and Cast Steel - steel, C350, 350 C350, 350 Application:Maraging 350 is used for missile and rocket motor cases, landing and takeoff gear components, high performance shafting, gears and fasteners. Category Type Grade Microstructure Designations; Grades:Maraging steel:C350, 350:Martensite - , MIL-S-46850 - AMS 6515 -

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Nov 08, 2019 · Grade 350 Maraging Steel. Grade 350 maraging steel is a maraging steel. It can have a fairly high tensile strength among iron alloys. In addition, it has a very high base cost and a very low heat capacity. The properties of grade 350 maraging steel include two common variations. This page shows summary ranges across both of them. MARAGING (C) 300 AMS 6514 ASTM A 538 UNS K93120

  • GeneralIntroductionApplicationsCompositionMinimum Properties After AgingMachiningWeldingSpecificationsMaraging is a 18% nickel, cobalt strengthened steel (C-type), with excellent mechanical properties, workability and heat treatment characteristics.Maraging Steel - Manufacturers & Suppliers in IndiaMaraging C350 is a nickel-maraging alloy. Maraging C350 is a relatively soft but tough material, therefore, readily machined and formed. The aging process of Maraging C350 raises the hardness to a level sufficient for many tooling applications.Typical applications of maraging steels are missile and rocket motor cases,

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    Dynamic Metals International 95 Valley Street Bristol, CT 06110 Toll Free 800-641-4140 maraging MARAGING (C) 350 General:Maraging is a 18% nickel, cobalt strengthened steel (C-type), with excellent mechanical properties, workability and heat treatment characteristics. Maråldringsstål med mekaniska egenskaper Livallco®

    • General CharacteristicsMaragingPhysical PropertiesAgingMaraging is a 18% nickel, cobalt strengthened steel (C-type) with excellent properties, workability and heat treatment characteristics. Maraging is double vaccum melted by VIM (Vaccum Induction Melt) followed by VAR (Vaccum Arc Remelt) Maraging material is supplied in the annealed and descaled condition. The alloy is very tough, relatively soft (RC 30/35), readily machined or formed. Maraging provides a high value for critical parts in aerospace, structural, components and tooling applications.Maraging 350/C350/C-350 Forging Forged Steel Round Bars JIANGSU LIANGYI CO., LIMITED. Maraging 350 Forged Round Bars, Maraging C350 Forging Round Bars, Maraging C350 Forged Round Bars manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Maraging 350/C350/C-350 Forging Forged Steel Round Bars (vascomax 350), API 6A Incoloy 925 Inconel 718 AISI 410SS 17-4pH F51 F53 F55 F44 Forged Forging Tungsten Carbide Coating Gate Valve

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      Maraging (Vascomax) is a family of iron-based steel alloys; such as Maraging 300, Maraging 250 and Maraging 350. Also included, Maraging C300, Vascomax C300, Vascomax C300, maraging c-300, AMS 6521, AMS 6514, MIL-S-46850. Maraging 350 Vascomax® 350 AMS 6515C350 - a maraging alloy steel containing 12.0% cobalt and 4.8% molybdenum.

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      Maraging steels also retain their strength up to 450 C (840 F), can be nitride and have a corrosion resistance similar to that of standard martensitic stainless steels. Maraging C350 has very high mechanical properties and above average toughness. Maraging C350 Round Bar, - Aesteiron Steels LLP Aesteiron Steels LLP, is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Maraging C350 Round Bar. Maraging Steel Grade. Maraging C350; Vascomax C350; AMS 6515; MIL-S-46850D; UNS K93160; WNR 1.6356; ASTM A579; Availability in. Maraging 350 Round

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      We Aesteiron Steels LLP, are leading manufactures & supplier of Maraging 350 Rods. Standards:-AMS 6515 MIL-S-46850 We are:-Maraging 350 Rods Stockist Maraging 350 Rods Supplier Maraging 350 Rods Trader Maraging 350 Rods Manufacturer Maraging 350 RodsDealer Maraging 350 Rods Exporter Chemical Composition Maraging Steel - Maraging Steel 250 Round Bar UNS K92890 Wholesale Supplier of Maraging Steel - Maraging Steel 250 Round Bar UNS K92890 AMS 6512 W.Nr. 1.6359 BS S162 Udimar 250 Vascomax C250, Maraging Steel 300 Round Bar C300 AMS 6514 UNS K93120 1.6358 1.6354 Vdimor 300 Vascomax C300 offered by Nirvana Alloys, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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      C350 maraging steel is a high strength steel alloy containing 2.0% cobalt and 4.8% molybdenum. Produced by vacuum arc re-melting and providing a very high strength nominally 350 Ksi tensile (2415 MPa) with an above-average level of toughness, the alloy retains its tensile strength up to 450°C and good notch impact is maintained down to minus 50°C and below. This m STEEL - Alloy CenterMaraging 250. AMS 6512 Bars / Forgings AMS 6520 Sheet / strip / plate. ASTM A646. BS S162. WS 1.6359. UNS K92890 UNS K92940 UDIMAR 250 Maraging C250 Vascomax C250. Maraging 300. AMS 6514 Bars / Forgings AMS 6521 Sheet / strip/ plate MIL-S-46850 TYPE 4 WS 1.6354 WS 1.6358. K93120 K93160 Udimar 300 Maraging C300. Maraging 350. AMS 6515 MIL-S

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      Heat Treatment of VascoMax 350 CVM. Anneal by holding at 1475° to 1525°F (802° to 829°C) for one hour for each inch of thickness, air cool. Age after solution anneal by holding at 900° to 950°F (482° to 510°C) between 3 and 6 hours, then air cool. Nitriding can be achieved by heating between 800°and 850°F (427° and 454°C) for at Vascomax® Maraging Steel Alloys Vascomax® Maraging Maraging C350 AMS 6515; MIL-S-46850D Maraging Steel Machinability Due to its excellent mechanical properties and good workability, maraging steel alloys provide enhanced machinability over other types of steel alloys.

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      MARAGING *MARtensitic - a very hard form of steel crystalline structure *Subsequent AGING (precipitation hardening -approx 3-6 hours @ 900ºF yields optimum material characteristics) *SPECIFICATIONS:AMS 6512 = C250 maraging AMS 6514 = C300 maraging AMS 6515 = C350 maraging Mil-S-46850 (applies to all grades) FRACTURE TOUGHNESS APPLIES MACHINING