investigation on microstructural mechanical and

Investigation into mechanical and microstructural

Investigation into mechanical and microstructural properties of polypropylene manufactured by selective laser sintering in comparison with injection molding counterparts

Investigation of mechanical and microstructural properties

Dec 09, 2017 · @article{osti_1429220, title = {Investigation of mechanical and microstructural properties of Zircaloy-4 under different experimental conditions}, author = {Silva, Chinthaka M. and Leonard, Keith J. and Van Abel, Eric and Geringer, J. Wilna and Bryan, Chris D.}, abstractNote = {Here two types of Zircaloy-4 (alpha-annealed and beta-quenched) were investigated in their different forms. Investigation of the mechanical and microstructural Nov 16, 2019 · The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure Investigation

resistance measurement results, microstructure investigations under different cooling options, specimen geometries, aging conditions, and the relationship between microstructure and mechanical properties. A systematic study of the tensile and microstructural properties of Sn-Ag-Cu Mechanical and Microstructural Investigation of the Cyclic Jun 01, 2015 · The structural and mechanical integrity of amnion is essential to prevent preterm premature rupture (PPROM) of the fetal membrane. In this study, the mechanical response of human amnion to repeated loading and the microstructural mechanisms determining its

Sagittal Alignment With Downward Slope of the Lower

Aug 15, 2019 · Sagittal Alignment With Downward Slope of the Lower Lumbar Motion Segment Influences Its Modes of Failure in Direct Compression:A Mechanical and Microstructural Investigation. Sapiee NH(1), Thambyah A(1), Robertson PA(2), Broom ND(1). Sagittal Alignment With Downward Slope of the Lower Study design:Microstructural investigation of compression-induced herniation of ovine lumbar discs with and without added component of anterior-inferior slope. Objective:Does increased shear arising from a simulated component of motion segment slope imitating sacral slope weaken the lateral annulus and increase risk of overt herniation at this same region.

Microstructural Investigation and High Temperature

Mar 16, 2021 · Microstructural features and high temperature mechanical properties of the AXE622 alloy produced by conventional and semisolid casting were then evaluated and compared. Materials and Method The experimental steps of this study can be briefly divided into four sections, including alloying, conventional and semisolid casting, performing mechanical (creep and tensile) tests and