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Is a professional manufacturer and exporter of complete system of highway guardrail, crash barrier and road safety products. Equipped with state-of-the-art fabrication equipment such as W Beam and Thrie Beam Guardrail cold roll forming machine, uncoiling slitting recoiling Line, cold bending machine, punching machine, hot DIP galvanizing plant.

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Our W beam guardrail is w shape guardrail for vehicle restraint system. It is a kind of economical and efficient corrugated beam guardrail, which is designed to alleviate the damage and wounds, avoid colliding with objects nearby substructure, and reduce the possibility of vehicular turnover by barrier structure deflection. China W Beam Traffic Barrier Crash Guardrails - China AASHTO M180 w-beam guardrail is a kind of road crash barrier made as per M180 standard, used for securing highway safety by preventing errant vehicles from sliding out of the roads and impacting the roadside buildings or other objects. So it is most commonly fixed on the side of the highways, dock areas, aisles, especially on curves and slopes

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factory Outlets for Highway Metal W Beam Guard Rails - W beam guardrail Huiquan The guardrail is mainly to follow the AASHTO M180, GB-T 31439.1-2015 and EN1317 standard. The material for that are mainly the Q235B (S235Jr the yield strength is more than 235Mpa) and Q345B (S355Jr the yield strength is more than the 345Mpa). Guardrail - Highway Guardrail Prices in South Africa With W-beam guardrails installed, the road users know exactly where the safe path ends and have the assurance that there are barriers to prevent them from accidentally leaving the safety of the road surface. With that in mind, they tend to drive more to the left side of the road.

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Orders for guardrail under this specification shall include the following information, as required, to adequately described material:Quality (linear meter or number of pieces). Class of guardrail. Types of guardrail. Effective length of beam section 3.8 mm or 7.6 mm. Shape (W-beam or Thrie-beam). Guardrail Safety Barriers Ingal Civil Products - AustraliaGuardrail barriers provide semi-rigid protection to shield motorists from hazards located close to the edge of the travelled way. The most common guardrail system consists of a steel w-beam rail (also known as armco) on steel posts which are anchored on either end via a crashworthy guardrail end terminal.

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Highway Guardrail Barrier System - W Beam, Post, Spacer Besides to highway road safety barrier, guardrails is also can be used for a residential application. Highway guardrails is a effective protective measures for your home house and store building. Highway Guardrail Cost Per Foot Highway Guardrail PricingMay 11, 2020 · The w beam highway guardrail thickness has two options:3mm and 4mm. The guardrail post diameter has two options:114mm and 140mm. The length has 4 options:1.85m, 1.95m, 2m, and 2.15m. Each kilometer of highway guardrail requires 250 rail sections, 250 posts, 2 terminals, 250 caps, and 250 offset blocks.

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The guardrail is mainly to follow the AASHTO M180, GB-T 31439.1-2015 and EN1317 standard. The material for that are mainly the Q235B (S235Jr the yield strength is more than 235Mpa) and Q345B (S355Jr the yield strength is more than the 345Mpa). For the thickness of the guardrail mainly through the 2.67mm to 4.0mm. Highway Guardrail, road crash barrier and w beam guardrail w beam guardrail Highway Guardrail Case Here are Part of our Highway Guardrail cases in China and the global countries, through these cases you will see how we

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HIGHWAY BARRIER PRODUCTS Specifications Click here to download a pdf file for specifications on W Beam Guardrail, Posts and Blocks, and Galvanized Hardware.. Click here to download a pdf file for specifications on Terminal Sections, and Thrie Beam. Click here to download a pdf file for specifications on Curved Guardrail. Back to top TGS - Trinity HighwayThe TGS (Trinity Guardrail System) is a 31 high W-beam, no blockout system. The Standard Strong Line Posts are spaced at 6 3 with splices either on the posts or between the posts. The TGS is tested to both NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3 and MASH Test Level 3. With the 31 system height, the W-beam attaches directly to the post, and does not use offset blocks which helps reduce

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May 26, 2017 · W beam galvanized guardrail is the most common highway crash barriers designed to prevent the vehicle from running out of the road in dangerous area. Roadsky can supply AASHTO standard guardrail and accessories for roadside and highway guardrail projects. The beams are coated with a uniform layer of zinc coating to prevent weak spots caused by W-Beam & Thrie-Beam Guardrail Barriers - W-Beam & Thrie-Beam Guardrail Barriers. Ezy-Guard Smart . Ezy-Guard 4 Ezy-Guard High Containment Barrier If youd like to get in touch with us. You can learn more about Valmont Highway's broad range of solutions. Contact Us. Valmont Highway 57-65 Airds Road Minto NSW 2566, Australia Tel +614 0036 6351. Cable Barriers;

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May 05, 2019 · Specification U.S. Barricades 25' W-Beam Steel Guardrail is the most frequently used type of guardrail on our nations roadway system. It is a roll-formed product that is shaped out of steel coil into the shape of a W, and typically galvanized to W-beam Highway Guard Rail Roll Former Brother Union Roll Forming Machine for W-Beam Guard Rails. The guardrail beam production line manufactured by Brother Union Machinery mainly produces two-wave guardrails.. The two-wave guardrail specifications can be 4320*310*85*3/4, etc., Highway guardrails, also known as road barriers, are mainly used on highways system.With the development of the transportation industry, guardrails have gradually

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W-beam Highway Guardrail Application:To provide railing protection to motor vehicles at dangerous road areas such as steep slopes, high embankments, obscure curves/bends, sharp corners. To absorb sudden impact during collision thus minimizing injury to vehicle and passenger. highway guardrail - Highway Guardrail Factory

  • Highway Guardrail Company InformationHighway Guardrail Main UseHighway Guardrail Supporting ProductsHighway Guardrail PackagingWe are a reputable manufacturer specializing in steel products mainly in Highway Guardrails (Also named Crash Barrier), hot dip galvanizing & powder coating since 1998. Our factory with over 300 employees, yearly production capacity of 300,000 tons of hot dip galvanized guardrail with 6 million sets of the accessories. Now our guardrail system is adopted in over 100 projects in China, and export worldwide .We can produce two wave guardrail and three wave guardrails and also the accessories .WGALVANIZED GUARDRAILS - Southern Guard RailW-beam highway guardrails are the most common crash barrier used on United States highways due to their high effectiveness and inexpensive production costs. W-beam highway guardrails have proven highly effective in reducing the frequency and severity of accidents.

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    China Factory Highway guardrail plate manufacturers traffic barrier w beam Highway guardrail,Highway Guardrail Road Safety Cable Barrier System China,Traffic safety highway guardrail road barrier foam roller fence crash barrier Rolling guardrail,Spacers, Terminal End, Guardrail Reflector, Flat Plate, Bolts, Nuts and Washers, etc.),High quality OEM steel guardrail W Beam Guardrail Galvanized W Beam Guard Rail For SaleMar 20, 2020 · W Beam Guardrail. W beam guardrail also called two waves guardrail, is the most commonly used highway guardrail type. The steel coil is pressed into W shape steel rail, thats why it is so-called. On the highway guardrail product market, there are mainly two types:the galvanized w beam guardrail and the powder-coated w beam guardrail.